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Job Seekers 

To help job seekers access careers and related-opportunities, the WCEA team has gathered the following list of resources:

NYSERDA Workforce Programs

NYC Accelerator Trainings

NYSERDA Wage Subsidy Funding Sources:

PON 4772 Climate Justice Fellowship


To help clean energy businesses invest in their teams w funding to hire new talent, develop the skills of current employees with the following programs and resources:

NYSERDA Wage Subsidy Funding Sources:

PON 4000 Clean Energy Internship

PON 3982 On The Job Training

Details for Employers

1. Free Training for Existing Staff

2. Recruiting & Staff Augmentation Services

3. Free Job Board

4. Wage Subsidies:

        PON 3982: On-the-Job Training

        PON 4000: Clean Energy Internship

        PON 4772: Climate Justice Fellows 

5. Incentive Administration Services

Get in touch with the WCEA to access these resources!



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